Have you ever been asked if you played a children’s card game at a job interview? Pelmanism, Memory, Concentration, Pairs – it has so many different names but whatever they called it, many of our Good Sorters loved it as children and some are even playing it with their grandchildren!

There is an element of Pelmanism in every Good Sort – whether it’s something as simple as reuniting a pair of gloves or discovering that the removable handle of an Edwardian silver dish found in the dining room is being used as a paperweight in the study.   These are real examples from a Good Sort which we have recently completed.  We are very grateful to our clients that they have agreed to an inaugural Good News blog post about it.

Christopher Hibbert, the renowned popular historian, and his wife Sue lived in Henley for many years.  After Sue’s death, their children asked if Good Sorts would help sort and disperse their possessions.  Our Good Sorts team sorted for three days and what an interesting three days it was.  On the first day, the team started as usual with clothes and other personal items.  In the wardrobe they found Christopher’s tail coat – elegant and well-worn, pinned to it were the miniatures of his wartime medals including the Military Cross that he had won in Italy in 1945.   On the second day they found a silver card tray with an inscription from grateful parishioners to Christopher’s parents on the 25th anniversary of their marriage and the 21st anniversary of their arrival as the Rector of Enderby  and his wife.  Neither of Christopher and Sue’s children knew about it.  On the third day the team found a collection of exquisite linen table cloths with borders crocheted by Sue’s grandmother with a description written by Sue’s mother of when and where they had been made.

And the last thing we found in the cellar was a battery-operated bubble blower in the shape of a man loading a canon which blows out the bubbles.  It was a great pleasure to put a Gift tag on that as the Hibberts’ daughter presented it to their family doctor to amuse his younger patients as much as it had his older ones.  Cherished possessions come in every shape and size!