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Decisions.   Everyone has to make decisions about possessions.  If you could tell the removers to pack everything and move it to your new home or open one of Dad’s cupboards and throw everything into a black bin bag without a second thought, it would be easy and no-one would dread it.  But real life is more complicated.

How am I going to find the time when I’ve got a gazillion other things to do?  How can there be so many decisions to make?  Where did all these things come from?  Where do I start?  How many plates are there in this set?  I’m sure I put Granny’s silver necklace in this drawer – where is it?  Why can’t the children put their trainers away in pairs?  What’s the rest of the family going to say?  Why is it so emotional?   It’s enough to drive you to ……. Good Sorts.

With our unique service you’ll find dread turning to disbelief at the weight off your mind, delight at the different perspective you have and finally you’ll be making fewer, faster and happier decisions.

When we arrive with our trestle tables, hanging rails, wire baskets, trays and clear plastic bags you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re about to set up a pop-up shop.  Why do we do that?  Because it’s all about your decisions.  And to make decisions you need to see clearly what’s there, you need a sense of order and you need to look at things afresh.   Just like going into your favourite shop and being able to choose everything for a second time.


So we sort, fold, hang, count, stack, roll, match, bundle, tag, arrange and before you know it all those familiar things start taking on a whole new look.  You can’t wait to start choosing and putting our special labels on things.   We can’t promise that every decision will be easy but we can promise that you won’t need to make so many, that you’ll make them more quickly and you’ll be happy that you’re making the right ones.  And you might even have some fun!


To quote some recent clients:

‘It’s the method you use that’s so special.  It’s like magic.’

‘What an amazing job you’ve done for us!  Thank you.  Lots for us to decide on but we’re managing to make the decisions so much more quickly.’