Ten Tips for Tidying Up after Christmas

By 29th December 2017Uncategorised

Despite the stress, the build up to Christmas is such fun.  Clearing up afterwards isn’t anyone’s favourite thing especially if you’re dying to get started on exciting plans for the New Year.  To make it worse, more things that turn into clutter come into the house at Christmas than at any other time of the year – boxes accumulate in the garage, cards pile up, the jars from last year’s Christmas hamper glower at you from the cupboard, tree lights spontaneously form an impenetrable tangle.  We’ve put together ten tips to help you tidy up the worst of it.

  1. Don’t keep packaging unless it’s very special, the present is going to live in it or you know you’re going to use it for something else immediately. But if it’s….
  1. A sturdy box with a separate lid it will be brilliant for storing the Christmas decorations you’ll be putting away. Shoe box size is the best.
  1. Don’t keep all those odd little pieces of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons. You’ll end up with a drawer-full that you’ll never use.
  1. Think of different, greener wrapping for next year. Plain brown paper, white tissue paper or even newspaper with a fabulous ribbon that can be used again are all so stylish.
  1. Odd crackers never get used. Don’t keep them.  Pull them or donate them.89A598B1-2509-497E-9684-6981BCF7D0FD-min
  1. If you’ve been given delicious foodie treats, don’t wait for a special occasion to eat them. Make the special occasion now.  What could be better than scrambled eggs with grated truffle for brunch or delicious oloroso sherry and stilton for supper on New Year’s Day?
  1. If you’ve been given delicious foodie treats that you know you’ll never eat don’t let them lurk in the back of the cupboard for months. Take them straight to the local food bank.
  1. Don’t let uneaten food linger in the fridge but if you’re throwing a lot away make a note of what hasn’t been eaten and why. If you never finish the turkey or the Christmas pudding because no-one really likes them or they get bored, have something different next year.  As long as it’s a celebration, it doesn’t matter what you eat!A380F20A-6FC8-43F0-9639-4E7CFAB12D3F-min
  1. Don’t put all the Christmas cards in a pile or in a drawer and think you’ll do something about them later.  Add new names and addresses to your Christmas card list straightaway and be very selective about the cards you keep.  Only keep the special ones.  Because they’re special, put them in a cellophane bag and label them with the year.  Recycle the rest.
  1. Putting away Christmas decorations is a real chore.  Do it with a glass of wine or some favourite music or over a chat with a friend.  Sort through them, pack them into small boxes and put the small boxes into a big box.   Wrap lights and tinsel round something like a fat cardboard tube – a tennis ball canister is perfect – to stop them getting tangled.