Our story

A few years ago my mother faced the challenge of moving from her townhouse in London to a smaller house in Henley on Thames.

Going through 35 years of accumulated possessions, working out what to keep and how to deal with the rest seemed an overwhelming task. Despite help from family and friends, it was physically and emotionally exhausting. I saw at first hand the strain it put on my mother and realised how much difference a few well-trained, empathetic pairs of hands with the right equipment could make to someone in my mother’s situation, or to anyone moving house or re-assessing their possessions.

And so, Good Sorts was born.

Caroline Hartley

The team

Good Sorts is a friendly and practical team of experts who help clients manage the process of moving house, dispersing the contents of a home or just having a good, old-fashioned sort.

The team is led by co-founder Caroline Hartley, who has had a varied professional career, working across the art, antiques and business sectors. After several years as an archivist and researcher at Sotheby’s, Caroline worked as an Events Coordinator at the Institute of Directors. Her additional experience includes ten years spent as a project manager on a number of award-winning building and interior design projects.

Every member of the Good Sorts team has been hand-picked for their qualities of discretion, attention to detail and a positive, cheerful approach. They work carefully and methodically to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Each team member receives initial training and attends regular refresher courses. We can provide at least 10 years of references and an enhanced DBS check for each team member. Full details of our insurance cover are available on request.

“The Good Sorts team listened carefully to what we needed and got it done quickly and easily.”

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If you’re interested in what Good Sorts has to offer or have any questions, please get in touch. We’re here to help.