How long does a Good Sort take?

Depending on the size and contents of the house, a typical Good Sort takes 3-5 days for a team of three.

Is it better to have the Good Sort spread out or on consecutive days?

If you are living in the house, we would always recommend spreading the sorting days out, so you can make decisions and implement them in stages.

Will my house be in chaos?

No. We work to reduce stress, not increase it! At the end of each sorting day, we make sure we leave you with everything in order, easily visible and accessible.

How much does it cost?

Because each Good Sort is different, we need some details such as where you are and the size and contents of your home before we can give you a cost indication.  Get in touch via the Contact Form and we’ll respond to you promptly. During the Good Sort you’ll be able to take advantage of our expert knowledge to help reduce all your other moving costs.

Can I be in at home while the Sort is taking place?

Of course. You can be as involved in or detached from the process as you like. We can discuss that at the initial consultation.

What should I do with very valuable items?

We will always discuss this at our initial consultation and agree something that suits everyone. Anything you tell us at the initial consultation is treated in strictest confidence.

What happens if something is lost or damaged?

We have insurance cover through Hiscox. The details of our policy are available on request.

Do you take commission from anyone you introduce me to?

No. Whether it’s a saleroom expert or a specialist removal firm, we never take commission. We would only provide an introduction to someone that we believe operates to the highest professional standards. After the introduction, their relationship is direct with you, though we are happy to provide coordination and management of services.

When should I get in touch with Good Sorts?

It’s best to start the Good Sort planning 6 – 8 weeks before all the decisions you make need to be implemented.  We have carried out Good Sorts with 2 weeks’ notice but it does mean that a lot of decisions have to be made rather quickly!

Do you advise me on what decisions to make?

No. We will do everything we can to facilitate making decisions, but your decisions should be made independently with family, friends or professional advisers. We can provide practical help when you are making decisions, such as writing and attaching labels and tags as you decide.

Case studies

downsizing_case study
Relocating_case study
moving on_case study
Simplifying the process behind how to declutter
downsizing_case study
Relocating_case study
moving on_case study
Simplifying the process behind how to declutter

“The Good Sorts team listened carefully to what we needed and got it done quickly and easily.”

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