What we do

We offer a comprehensive four stage process that brings a sense of order and provides the practical support you need, whether you are downsizing, relocating, moving on or just need a good, old-fashioned sort.

Four simple steps

We listen to you when we organise your home


We listen

All Good Sorts start with a brief from you, either face to face, by phone or by email. We listen carefully so that we understand exactly what you want to achieve and the best approach to take. We prepare a plan that suits you with a clear estimate of the time and resources needed.

We sort to your specifications, when we organise your home


We sort

We spend a few busy days sorting your possessions, organising and arranging them carefully into clear categories so that you can see, assess and label everything. And, just as importantly, carry on your normal life whilst the Good Sort is in progress. We will then leave you with our specially designed, colour-coded tags and labels so that you can go on to Step 3.

You decide how we organise your home


You decide

You and your family can then take some time to make clear decisions about what you want to do with your possessions and mark everything as you go along.

We disperse based on your decisions, when we organise your home


We disperse

If you would like further assistance at this stage, we can help with the implementation of your decisions — whether it’s simply putting things back in cupboards to await removal day, coordinating sale room experts and charity collections or packing small items as gifts for family and friends.

Every client and, as a result, every Good Sort is different. We will always match our team of Sorters and programme to suit your needs, making sure you feel fully informed and in control from the initial meeting until completion. 

“The Good Sorts team listened carefully to what we needed and got it done quickly and easily.”

Get in touch

If you’re interested in what Good Sorts has to offer or have any questions, please get in touch. We’re here to help.